Our mission, our compromise

Our mission is to give answer to all environmental problems, made by the furniture and decoration industry, through handmade, durable and sustainable products.

The impact was so positive that we bet on this «other way» of doing things.


Saving the planet

The ilegal felling was the first environmental global scale crime and it’s causing the forests’ destruccion around the world. The deforestation is a reality that it touches us very closely and that’s why we move to the Amazon to explain you by first hand, what is happening there.

We can’t ignore the uncontrolled deforestation and it’s big impact on the planet. That’s why we believe that the best tree is the one we don’t cut down and that’s why we give priority to the recovered wood’s use to produce our furniture and we don’t extract natural materials.

Most of our furniture is made of wood from controlled and sustainable exploitation that is extracted from  FSC and PEFC certified  European forests. The wood’s reuse is our most compromise. The recovered wood furniture require less paint and ink, meaning they are less contaminating.

We use eco friendly materials like the classic varnishes.

People at the company

The traditional craftsmen are excluded of the global economical system for not mass producing in great companies. We revive the local economy only colaborating in craftsmen workshops in Europe, offering fair and beneficial deals.

Now we count with more than 40 workshops that give jobs to more than 200 craftsmen! Working on the handmade way and making each piece unique.

Here in Hannun we defend the local consumption

We craft Europe’s furniture, making sure that all workers have worthy working conditions, unlike transfering production to other locations where they violate human rights like the child explotation.

Also, the crafting of our products doesn’t involve any kind of animal abuse, with no using animal provenence texture (our PETA certification corroborates it).

A more inclusive society

Our workshops are a reflection from society we aspire: more diverse and egalitarian. That’s why, in Hannun we work with people of every condition, disability and with an exclusion risk.

In Hannun we collaborate with Cruz Roja and other non-profit associations because for all workshops to incorporate people with an exclusion risk.

Zero Waste

Of all the 10,5 millon tons of furniture that are produced every year in Europe, it’s estimated that at least 10 are ended incinerated and becoming waste for the atmosphere.

Our fight is focused on reducing waste, and that’s why we work on demand and we give away all damaged furniture with our Reuse Market, where we give a second life to all products with a damage result for the showrooms, prototypes or products.

On Hannun, we count on the Carbon Neutral accreditation, that verifies that we don’t emit toxic gases on the atmosphere.

Que fem amb el plàstic

Per year, we launch eight millon tones of plastic to the sea. We have to front face the plastic contamination, one of the most worrying and irreversible.

That’s why, we have thrown a collection that includes post industrial plastic pieces to avoid being thrown to the sea, and that recovers a prt of what has been sunken on the ocean. We also have completely eliminated the presence of plastics in our packages.

Being a B Corp® company, doesn't mean being perfect

Since we are the first spanish B Corp® company of the furniture sector in Europe, we strive to encourage the positive change through our business.


As the first spanish company B Corp® in the furniture sector in Europe, we strive to promote positive change through our business. From campaigns that generate an impact on the global conscience of the society to workshops that integrate our workforce of artisans and that work with people of all mena and condition, with disabilities and risk of exclusion. Our goal is to reduce inequality and create a better planet. Reflectint with every cradle of our actions, the reflex of the society to which we aspire.


We count on the PEFC/14-35-00535-AEN certification, the most widely implemented forestry certification system in the world, which certifies that companies that extract the raw materials from the forests use them responsibly. PEFC-certified products guarantee consumers who are purchasing products from sustainably managed forests.


In 2020, the Millor Rookie award will open in the fifth edition of the prestigious eCommerce Awards Spain, the benchmark awards in electronic commerce. The jury considers that Hannun has become a benchmark among emerging online stores in the last three years.