You are the one you sleep

The place where the dreams wake up
We live inmersed on the inmediacy

We are burdened with schedules, worries and obligations. We get wrapped up in routine that exhausts us physically and mentally. Even when we get home, our duties don’t stop. As some say, the day starts again. Therefore, we want to curl up in bed, to close our eyes and rest.

There are many types of rest, but only one regenerative one. And the verb sleep is a “sine qua non” condition for obtaining energy.

If we sleep, our mind and body rest. But Sonpura is more than this.

At Sonpura we aim to break the mold and offer a rest so regenerative that it awakens your dreams.

Go against the flow

Feel attentive, alive and vital.

Look in the mirror and wink at yourself, love yourself and be proud of your achievements.

Be that person who steps hard and achieves those most difficult challenges, the person capable of making their own decisions and laughing at themselves.

The one who loves those around him and the one who respects those who do not see things the same.

Life is not the means but the end.

You don’t need to meet your goals immediately, you enjoy the journey and wake up every day with energy is what we have proposed at Sonpura.

The fundamental thing at the end of the day is to feel good. And the most important thing is to be able to repeat this feeling over and over again.

Possibly, we end up patching this situation to get the day to start a little better.

Wake up

Do you remember a day when you slept well? No more, but you slept really well.

What do you feel when you wake up? What do you feel when you open your eyes and put your feet on the ground?

You feel your best version, an empowered and energetic version that can take on the world.

When you understand

In moments like these, you realize the importance of good rest and the potential we waste by not sleeping well enough.

You look around

And you see many people, who like you live exhausted. However, you are able to detect those moments when the people around us radiate another type of energy. Maybe, for a day, they slept well.

Infect the world

The quality of sleep depends on its cycles and phases as well as the brain activity that is generated in all of them. The moment your body and mind are able to achieve the perfection of these cycles, you are able to wake up contagious…

…spreading serenity, energy, pride, empathy, respect, trust, affection and an endless number of adjectives that we long for.

Just consider what would happen if you slept in a Sonpura bed.

Because you…

You are what you sleep


Sonpura was founded in 1969 by Luis Soriano. Our first manufactures were destined for the bed base and later we started in traditional spring mattresses.

In the 90s, pocket spring technology began to be implemented in Europe, at that time totally unknown in Spain. Its very high benefits

At rest they draw attention to Luis Soriano. At that moment, he made a brave business decision and decided to reform his entire production system to manufacture pocket springs.

In 1998 we launched our first 3 models and baptized our technology with the Multisac® brand. The beginnings were not easy at all since the technology was totally unknown in the country both by the professional sector and, logically, by the public.

Our clients observed that its performance compared to the traditional spring was superior and this encouraged us to continue expanding our collection until, finally, completely eliminating our manufacture of the traditional spring.

We are currently leaders and specialists in bagged springs in the Spanish market. We provide the widest range of Multisac ® technology.

At Sonpura we have more facilities

of 21,000 m2, equipped with the best technology to control the entire production process. Our team of professionals and their passion for their work allow us to make better and better products so that our clients get the best rest.